Primary Steps

Step 1 Be Open
Be open-minded and have the willingness to begin



Step 2 Bigger Picture
Participate in the bigger picture



Step 3 Fulfillment State
Maintaining a Fulfillment state is the key throughout the process
Simple tips to restore a sense of Fulfillment within yourself
Breathe deeply and slowly, especially when stressed
Imagine and focus on “Life Fulfilled” (Employ whatever brings a fulfilled peaceful state)
Continue extending this Fulfillment state every day



Step 4 With EFL Model
View & Appreciate the EFL Model with its complementary areas
When you feel comfortable, explore each of the five areas in depth



Step 5 Renew through Life
Keep in mind that we are always in the process of renewing the situation through Life
As you proceed, have the courage to move through Life Challenges to the best of your ability,
realizing that opportunities may be at hand. Fear, anger, denial, or other reactions may cause
delays, create unintended cycles, or obscure resolution and new possibilities.