The originator of 000 EDUCATION FOR LIFE Model was initially stimulated by Suggestopedia developed by Dr. Georgi Lozanov. His pioneering work from the 1960’s was endorsed by UNESCO as a superior pedagogy in 1978. Various other researchers proceeded to develop in directions such as Accelerated Learning. The 000 EDUCATION FOR LIFE Model represents 30 years of accumulated study and application experience.

Mayumi Mori, Organizer

  • Listed in International Who’s Who of Professionals, 1998.
  • Director of the Society for Accelerative and Integrative Learning (SAIL) in association with the International Alliance for Learning (IAL). Presentations were made at IAL annual conferences, including a Keynote speech in 1998, Irvine, CA, USA, “When More of the Brain is Activated: Being, Doing, Actualizing.”
  • Guest speaker at the conference on Internationalization of Education, 2000, Moscow, Russia.
  • Published Global Institute Journal on Soft Technology, with Jin Zhouying, Senior Researcher and professor, Director Center for Technology Innovation Strategy Studies, 2001, Japan.
  • Co-presenter with special advisor to UN, Rashmi Mayor, at World Future Society conference, 2002, PA, USA.

Significant work continues with the founding of non-profits and collaboration with many organizations throughout the years, as well as private consulting for business owners and authoring numerous books published by PHP Publishing Co.

Other notable accomplishments include:
2000 World Summit on Peace, Freedom & Time, Kobe Japan
2003 World Education Forum, Kawane, Japan
2005 World Expo Presentation on Wisdom of Nature
2008 Established annual KAWANE WORLD FORUM
2011 World Forum on Spirituality and Culture by invitation of the Republic of Kazakstan
2013 Founded annual Ladakh Wisdom Forum, Leh, India
2016 Launched new initiative, OHSHIMA HEART OF INNOVATION, Japan