Where do I direct my questions?

Our current commitments preclude us from individual assistance, though in working with the guidelines of the 000 EDUCATION FOR LIFE Model, many answers may become apparent to you.

Where do you suggest that we start?

Go ahead and play with the model, and apply it to a goal or issue. As a first step you may think of the model in this way: Life Fulfilled (State of Being) – Life Care (Foundation) – Life Skills (Problem Solving) – Life Awareness  (Subtle Reorganization) – Life Wisdom (Resource Within). Please note that the 000 EDUCATION FOR LIFE model is carefully designed and should not be altered.

What kinds of training is available?

On-site Education Programs are being offered by OHSHIMA HEART OF INNOVATION in Japan, for more information please check their website:  http://www.ohshima.be

Can I apply this model in my personal life?

Yes, a key for a deeper understanding of the dynamics of LIFE is that the small seemingly less significant actions or simply a state of being that we take on a daily basis are not to be overlooked, and actually greatly influence all actions and relationships we engage in. Consistency and integrity is reflected in everything that we do.

Can I use this system to solve my problems or reach my goals?

Although specific tasks or goals are not addressed directly, the 000 EDUCATION FOR LIFE Model may provide you with a significant capacity to see all issues in a new light.

How can I as a business owner have a personal consultation for my organization?

For inquiries about consultations for business owners, please contact 000PLENUM Inc. at: info@000plenum.org

What does 000 mean?

It is to indicate the clear all encompassing state that seems to be none. Description in words are not
sufficient limited by the respective language and culture. Some think they call it Source. To be a zero point
as a human is an entry point to the understanding and the cocreation, cooperation, coordination and generation
for renewing the world.

Why do some words appear in all caps?

To point to the highest, deepest, and widest possibilities as a whole beyond individual appearances.

Can my organization be listed on your web site?

Currently Listed Affiliations on this site are ongoing collaborating organizations only.

Can you assist us with funding or help with an event in Japan?

We are not providing funding, nor promoting/coordinating third party events in Japan.